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I've been keeping busy. This is usually a good thing but lately I feel like I may have too many things going on at the moment. I used to feel like I was wasting my life, like I had too much time spent loafing online and not doing anything. It has been a feeling that I had since I was about 16. I became aware of this when I listened to the Pink Floyd song Time (great song, great album in fact, go listen to it). It took me a good long while to discover how I should better utilise my time. Even in university I found I had a lot of free time, though maybe this shouldn't surprise me as students often do. Since getting a job things have changed.

I never really got on with education until my masters. I think I was probably to immature. However, since starting work things have changed. Education, especially university, is about you. You choose the course and you choose how much effort you put in and you determine your result. Work is not about you. It's about the people you work with, the company and survival (by which I mean money, not some Battle Royale/Hunger Games thing). I found that spending 8 hours at work (with about 2 hours extra for the commute) leaves little room to have fun. So my respect for my free time has greatly improved.

I started to program things out of work, like this website. It's not perfect, or even good, but it's fun and I feel like I'm achieving something. I started going to the gym in the morning. I used to go with Chris after work but we discovered that morning gym means you have the whole evening to yourself and effectively gives you a few more hours, bargain! I started to play games more. People will probably think I count this as loafing around but I don't. I love games, I love playing them and having more time to experience the solitude in Metroid, the joy of companionship in Journey, the exhilaration of overcoming great odds in Shadow of the Colossus or tense dread of being attack in The Last of Us is something I value. Time well spent.

Recently I've taken up indoor rock climbing which is a whole load of fun! I was forced into going by Anna but I'm very glad you convinced me. I want to do this weekly now that I'm certified a 'Competent Climber' (definitely one for the CV). I may also be going to football once a week with work, though this is dependant on Josh actually arranging something (he is part of the sales team so I should have expected a lot of talk!). Even more recently I have bought a violin. I know nothing about music but I wanted to give it a go. There's a young lady in Cathays who teaches and so I thought 'Why not?'. A beginner violin is only a hundred quid...actually that's a fair amount of money but when you compare it to video games (£5-40 per game and the console/PC cost hundreds), cycling (£200+ easily) and rock climbing (£90 for the initial lessons plus £100+ for equipment) it doesn't seen so bad.

Of course travelling costs a lot but in fairness but that is special. It's leisure and cultural and relaxing and educational and just amazing. Plus when I'm abroad I don't have the internet so I have to rely on good old fashioned reading. I love me some reading but getting through books is harder nowadays. It's like TV. I've never been one for TV, I am watching shows on Netflix and they take me months at a time to finish because I'm so irregular. I just don't care for TV too much (apart from some notable exception like Avatar which is just amazing).

On the commutes to and from work I have taken to either listening to audiobooks via Audible or the news via The Economist or talking to friends on the phone. Just another way I can use the precious time that I have got. In between this I only try and do charity work and Jamat duties (in fact Jamat duties often take up chunks of the weekend).

So I have video games, programming, reading, TV, travelling, rock climbing, gym, charity, Jamat, violin, football (tbc), cycling and friends (darn them) all vying for my time. It's not wonder I've been getting so little work done on the site. I usually go through some of my interests in phases. So the beginning of this year I was doing a fair amount of programming, now I'm playing games a lot more. Reading will have it's turn at point too and so, less frequently, will TV. These things tend to come and go with my mood.

Some things are seasonal, like cycling and football. Some things are constant, like gym, rock climbing and violin (hopefully). And some things are constant, Jamat/Charity work.

I started off this blog with the intention to write about some blog features that I wanted to implement and maybe talk about my lack of time for a paragraph but things got out of control. I like the way this has gone though. It gives me a chance to articulate feelings and get a more solid grasp of what's going on in my life. Feels good :)

Imran Khan - 02/07/2014