Soccer Aid 2014

I've decided that whenever I do some fundraising I will write a little about the charity and the work they do and so on. This way I may actually remember what I've done with my time over the year.

Today I was standing in the entrance of Tesco in Gabalfa, Cardiff. I had a bucket in my hand and was collecting money for UNICEF. UNICEF is a really amazing charity. Their aim is to advance children's rights all across the globe. Can't really argue with that (unless you're an arse). You can see more on their website.

Since the football World cup is taking place this year UNICEF is trying get people involved by setting up a Soccer Aid campaign which will culminate with a novelty football match in Old Trafford on 8th June. For every pound raised in this campaign the British government will match it (up to 5 million pounds) which is pretty cool. It's nice to see that the government is completely without heart (just mostly). I could explain it a bit more or I could just post this video:

I love doing these sort of collections. I mean when I woke up and realised that I would be standing up for several hours, and not playing Mario Kart 8, I was a little annoyed but that's the nature of sacrifice. Sacrificing your time is really hard. I can quite easily and offhandedly spare some change for charity bins and it's really easy to donate online with websites like JustGiving but giving up time is always, always a pain. Frankly I want to be at home doing nothing of any importance. But that's the nature of charity and sacrifice. In hindsight I always like doing these collections because it makes me realise how nice people are.

Now for some anecdotes

I love it when people donate and apologise for not giving more. They are literally apologising because they can't give more of their money away with no obvious benefit for themselves. Dear apologetic people, thank you so mch for donating. It doesn't matter how much really a pound, a penny, it all adds up and it all goes to help someone else who you will never meet and who will never thank you personally. You have given away something for a cause you may never see the fruits of. Thank you.

I love children and I kind of view them as humans without the jaded out look on life that people acquire over the years. It's therefore very heartening to see that so many children ask for money to give away. We didn't have stickers or anything to give them but they still wanted to 'give to the man' as I was referred to. (Side note, I can't believe kids now refer to me as 'the man'. I feel so responsible.) Also I love that parents, instead of giving the money themselves, will let their kids do it. It's really good to see children getting used to the idea of giving to charity so early.

Demographic anecdotes

You begin to notice certain trends when you collect for charity after a few times. These things probably have no great significance and could well be wrong but their observations none-the-less.

Imran Khan - 31/05/2014