Days of Future Past

I love the X-Men. When I was growing up X-Men was easily one of my favourite cartoons. The X-Men movie was the first DVD I ever saw and it blew my mind! Then X2 came out and reaffirmed that the X-Men were awesome. Then X-Men: The Last Stand came out and I tasted bitter disappointment. Then some more movies came out which ranged from rubbish (X-Men Origins: Wolverine) to good (X-Men: First Class). Despite the ups and downs I was looking forward to Days of Future Past. Mostly because of the awesome trailer with the amazing John Murphy soundtrack and some choice quotes from Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen. It was a mighty fine trailer.

Shame about the film then

It was always going to be a silly film since it involved time travel but it just wasn't very interesting. The whole sentinels attacking the mutants was a cool idea and the opening showed some real promise. The film opens with a few mutants facing off against the sentinels in a bunker while Kitty Price (I think that's her name, the one who can go through walls and stuff) sends a messenger back in time to warn them. This is cool because it's the X-Men fighting against robots. It's simple and sweet. Also the X-Men get killer in some really horrible ways. This is initially shocking but it kind of loses any real impact when they immediately go back in time and they are all OK again.

After that things slow a bit as Logan/Wolverine has to go back in time and convince the Professor that he is form the future and there's a threat coming etc. And from here the film is a bit hit and miss. The sequence where they break Magneto out of jail was cool. The scene where Charles and Magneto have a row on the plane is cool. Anything involving Mystique was cool. The problem really came around the finale. Although we see the destruction that occurs in the future the events happening in the past don't convey the same sense of urgency. Once again Megneto is the main villain when it should have been Peter Dinklage's character and the mutant destroying robots which they've built up. Fighting Megneto seemed like a step backwards in the 7 film long series and kind of undermined the sentinels as being the big bad guys.

Also some things just didn't make sense and I'm not even talking about the time travel. I can forgive the time travel stuff because it's time travel. In the future they fly a plane past the Great Wall of China, which is manned by sentinels, undetected only to be discovered by them in their secret mountain base. If they have a plane which can fly past sentinels undetected why not do the time travel thing in that? Also how can Kitty know that changing the past will alter the future if she can only send other people back everyone forgets what happened? When would she learn this skill? Surely when she tried it they would go in time and she would forget it again? In the past why didn't the guy who can run really fast just stab Magneto when he was threatening to kill people? I'm pretty sure he could have made it in time.

There were a fair few flaws but the through back to X2 were cool. Plus I really liked that Mystique was given a much more significant role to play (though part of me misses when you had no idea who she was because it fitted better with her shape shifting ability). It was an all right film with a fairly weak ending. I've seen worse but I had hoped for better.

Imran Khan - 26/05/2014