Ghost Stories

The new Coldplay album, Ghost Stories, is out now. I like Coldplay but I'm unsure what to think of this new one. I have found that with their last few albums (eg. Viva La Vida, Mylo Xyloto) I have liked them far more after a few listens. So I'm hoping this will be the same.

First Listen

On the first listen I found this album really boring and forgettable. I couldn't remember a single song off it (apart from Magic which I only remember because it was a single that I heard on the radio beforehand). The whole thing seemed to be restrained and slow. It had a very uniform feel which was reminiscent of their previous album X & Y (my favourite album of theirs) but is a lot slower and less interesting and doesn't have any stand out songs.

Second Listen

So my opinion has shifted slightly. I am more into the album after a second listen and a few songs have stuck with me. Magic, Another's Arms and A Sky Full of Stars stand out to me. I still think this is one of their weaker albums and none of their songs off it come close to Viva La Vida, Fix You or Yellow. I think I am coming round to the album but I don't think I will live this one in the end like I did with Viva La Vida.

Imran Khan - 22/05/2014