Colour Bug

Colour Bug

It's coming

I once had a phone which came with a built in game called "Colour Bug". There was no object to this game but it was strangely hypnotising. On the screen were 9 different coloured squares. Each square was controlled by one of the number buttons on the phone's key pad (back before phones went all touch screen). Upon pressing a button the corresponding square would enlarge. On the screen were also a few specks which seemed to bob and move together, flocking around a central point but never standing still. Their momentum carrying past their desired resting point, catapulting them beyond it until they changed their position only to miss the mark once more forever and ever.

Once you pressed a button to enlarge a square the specks would change their focal point to the square. As the bobbed around their new focus they changed colour to match the colour of the square. You could then change their focus and colour until you eventually tired of their antics. A long while ago, when I first started computing in Swansea, my friend asked if I could remake Colout Bug (the game had gained notoriety for it's bizarre and surreal nature). I said one day I would be able to.

Today I started to recreate Colour Bug

I still want to make it as an Android app at some point but for now I'll settle for a html canvas app. Also I wanted to find a picture of the game to have some sort of reference but whenever you google Colour Bug it comes up with some hair dying product. Now my hair is a dashing shade of lilac.

Imran Khan - 21/05/2014

The image is of what I have done so far lol.