New Blog Login

New Blog Login

or 'Blogin'

I've changed the create blog and edit blog pages to be php based. I did this so I could implement the header() function in php. On the old html page I had the blog creation page hidden behind a password check but I used a meta refresh tag. This worked to an extend except that there was a huge flaw in the system. Since you had to wait for the to refresh before it would redirect you you could just cancel the page load and then BOOM you had gotten past the security. It was kind of hilarious to be honest. But no longer, the Header function allows you to completely bypass the page if you aren't logged in and go straight to the login page. Rather strangely things seem to be coming together.

I have had a think about how to remove some of the junk html from blog posts. I'll use php to add in the common html. That'll work out fine.

Another success!

I'm a flame today! After getting the login pages working I was annoyed that to edit a blog post I had to hack together the url. Now I have put in some code that will put in a link at the bottom of the page which will let you edit the page. And it works, I'm using it right now! Ah this makes stuff so much easier. The link won't show if you aren't logged in either which is nice. Though it wouldn't matter but of the new login system I have put in. It's all going my way.

Imran Khan - 18/05/2014