Properly rubbish

For a film about a giant dinosaur causing havoc this was really slow and boring. The characters are so utterly boring that all the build up to Godzilla's appearance is completely wasted. I'm not sure if this is an issue with the actors or the direction or the script but something was stinking up the characters. Actually I know for a fact that Bryan Cranston is a great actor because Breaking Bad was incredible and he was incredible in it and yet even his character wasn't great.

Spoilers beyond this point

So a lot of the trailers show Bryan Cranston and you think there's going to some sort of show down between Heisenberg and Godzilla but then his character goes and dies about half an hour in. Which might have been cool if we got to see Ken Watanabe's character do whatever because he seemed like he had some history and insight into Godzilla. Instead poor old Ken spends the movie looking equally horrified and dumbstruck and we get to follow bland army man and his wife. Then Godzilla turns out to be the hero of the film for some reason that's never explained and he can stupidly breathe fire.

Godzilla turns out to be the good guy because there are two other monsters which are trying to breed and Godzilla is hunting them. Not sure why he's hunting them, he doesn't eat them. He just kills them then goes back to sleep. It was nonsense, even for a Godzilla film. It was a poor movie. I'd give it 5 stars!

Imran Khan - 17/05/2014