I made a mistake

I made a goof! Turns out that if you press the 'blog' button twice it will post the blog twice. So I accidentally posted the Godzilla post twice. LUCKILY I have the edit blog thing down and so I'm just going to edit this into a new blog.....Wish I had something to say. I need to fix this double post issue. I could just disable the button onclick. That would do it. In the mean time I've put a picture of myself trying out a waist coat. I was modelling two for myself and had to take a photo to see which one I liked better. The two were very similar but I bought the one in the preview image. The other one was slightly greener but ultimately looked the same. I went for this because it was more navy and meant I could wear the trousers on their own with other work shirts etc.

I'm just trying to look beautiful!

In a cruel twist of fate I have (post-purchase) discovered that I may have made a waist coat faux pas. It turns out that when you buy a waist coat with the intention of wearing it without the jacket you should get a "self back" wasist coat. That means that the back of the waist coat is made of the same material as the front. I may have bought a standard wasit coat! Oh the shame. Will I ever live this down?

Imran Khan - 17/05/2014