The Wind Rises

The Wind Rises

Another Miyazaki masterpiece

Hayao Mizaki's lastest film, The Wind Rises, came out 9th May and happily I managed to see it in the cinema. And it was amazing. I wanted to blog about it straight away but I had to drive home and couldn't be bothered. In hindsight I'm glad I waited. After thinking about it the film has stuck with me and grown on me (and just to note I really enjoyed the film once it ended, so it just got better). I think it's because I was comparing it to Spirited Away (my favourite movie ever) and Howl's Moving Castle which are much more fantasy based. I generally prefer these types of films and when I think Ghibli I think of these ones.

As soon as the film ended I wanted to watch it all over again

The Wind Rises is much more similar to Only Yesterday. It's a bit more like a slice of life and has much fewer of the crazy imaginings in other Ghibli films. The movie focuses on the like of Jiro an aeronautical engineer during the second World War, from the premise alone you know this is going to be one of their more grounded works.

The Ghibli staples are still there though, beautiful animation, stunning music, amazing machines and boundless heart and soul. The journey of Jiro from young boy dreaming of flying to engineer to really touching. Despite having less fantasy in this title there are still some great touches thrown in. The dream sequences are strange and fanciful and an earthquake scene personifies the disaster as some sort of otherworldly beast. It's incredible. In fact the earthquake scene has been playing in my mind ever since I saw it.

I can't stop thinking about this movie

Minor gripes include: Some statuic shots. Usually Studio Ghibli film's have really bustling and alive scenes which buck a trend in anime to have static backgrounds. This film has it share of busy and energetic scenes but there were one ore two frames where the scene was still. Not a massive deal but there you go.

Possibly more intrusive was the voice actor of Jiro, who was ok but was out shone by pretty much all of the supporting cast. It's possible I lost some of the nuance in the performance since I saw it in Japanese (usually I watch these things in English). It was in no way bad but I have a feeling that Joseph Gordon-Levit as Jiro will be better. I really want to go and see the film again this time in English. Disney are handling the dub again and they have done amazing jobs before so I'll be looking forward to this too.

In some Ghibli related blog news

My brother and I want to do a studio Ghibli Marathon over a weekend but we haven't managed to find a weekend where we are both free. I have purchased all the films now though so we just need to find a date. We want to watch and then rate and judge each one. To that end I have made a little Ghibli rating form for each film so that we can judge it. This will also let me have a go and displaying stats and stuff (yes the n number will be 2 but I don't care). Also this is the first ling post I have done since I upped the blob storage size in the table. I hope this stays within the limit.

Imran Khan - 12/05/2014