CMS Post

CMS Post

Life made easier

So I have spent half a day making a simple CMS system. I can create a blog post in the website instead of putting a html file onto the server directly (which was stupid).

I even have a way to upload images for the blog preview! And I have created custom tags which are replaced by the appropriate div tags! But there are still problems.

But there are still problems
For one, this only seems to work in IE. Chrome throws a fit for some reason. You cannot edit blogs once written, which means editing directly on the server! And finally, there is NO authentication. All one has to do is navigate to the right page and then they too can add blogs to this site...yay!

I should sort that out...also I just find out that there\\\'s this method cocks up certain html symbols such as backslashes and apostrophes. If I add one, an escape character is added. Ah well, that\\\'s a problem for another time.

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