Child of Light

Child of Light

(And a major blog success!)

My new blog preview works! It posts and everything! Yeah, sure, the style on the content completely died and all the double and single quotes are still being escaped but those were problems that I always had. So ultimately I\'m not worse off than before BUT I do have a slightly flashier way to type up blogs. Today I am a winner.

But onto Child of Light

I\'ve not played the game long but I love it already! The game is told like a story book and it is very dreamy. The whole game has this fairy tale aspect to it that I love. In fact I can\'t quite believe how much I love it. As well as good art the sound is really nice. The music it haunting and whimsical and mysterious all at once. The screams of the ghosts as they wail you and the hefting weight of the giants in the background come together to give a very cohesive aesthetic. Though I suppose I shouldn't expect much less when Ubisoft decide to make a good game.

What\'s even better than the art and sound is the combat. Simple and deep, it\'s genius. You can see your own action meter as well as the enemies and judging that you can decide whether to attack, defend, and bide you time. It genuinely gives you an added in sight into the battle mechanics. It\'s so so simple and works unbelievable really. It\'s like that moment in Paper Mario when you realise that you can press buttons at the right time t enhance your own attacks and defend from the enemies\'. It\'s simple but profound. Bravo Child of Light.

I read a review of the game saying that they too loved the game at first but that after a while you realise that the world isn't as interesting as it seems and so you lose interest. And that may yet come to pass, but if Child of Light can boast a beautiful art style and deep combat enough to keep me enthralled for a few hours then I will consider it money well spent.

Imran Khan - 05/05/2014