Burrito day.

Burrito day.

And a bubble pipe :D

Today I bought a tobacco pipe and some bubble solution. The theory was that I would put the bubble solution in the pipe and then blow making it a bubble pipe. The plan didn`t work initially proving the sceptics in the office right.

But then I left to get burritos and a curious Ieuan took the pipe apart and discovered that a blob of paint was covering blocking it. He removed it and I came back to a working bubble pipe and I had some tasty burritos. (On a burrito side note, the habanero is very hot and made me cry. CHris on the otherhand described it as a `medium` heat.)

Only minor blog work today since Kevin, Ieuan and I went to Cosy Club in Cardiff. After you successfully submit a blog it should redirect you back to the blog select page. Also there was some random glitch where the blogs wouldn`t display in the correct order. No idea why, so I go put an ORDER BY on the ID field and it sorted that out. I have since realised that displaying the posts chronologically probably isn`t the best way to so things. So add filter and search functionality to the to do list.

Imran Khan - 02/05/2014