Logged in!

Logged in!


The eventual goal is to be able to have an edit function and fix the many spelling mistakes that are littered through out the blogs. The journey starts here and it starts with a great success! I have managed to write some scripts which allow me log in. I have made the create blog page hidden behind this authentication and so the only reason I can write this post is because it is working.

There are many flaws of course. There is no way to create an account, I just put a user into the database. Though that may be a good thing since there is literally no encryption at the moment. YOLO.

I learnt something about sessions in php today though. You always need the session_start() method call when working with session variables. I thought this was just for setting them but I was horribly wrong. This simple oversight cost me about an hour. However three hours to get this up and running isn`t bad.

I still need to touch stuff up but that can happen at some other time. These things include:

In more important news, Mario Kart 8 is out now.

MARIO KART 8!!!!!!!!!!!

This Mario Kart is a little like F-Zero GX (always a good thing) in that you can go upside down and stuff. It`s what I`ve always dreamed of! The game also comes with a t-shirt and a free download code for a game, this is cool and cooler respectively. Of the games on offer there are only two I want and don`t already have. Zelda Wind Waker HD and Wonderful 101.

I`m going to get Wind Waker HD because first party Nintemdo games never go down in price and Wonderful 101 is already £20.