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Added preview images to le blog

Now we're cooking with propane

I've added an image preview to the blog selection thingy. This is pretty much just a test page of how I did it. I added a column to the database which holds the navigation information for the blog selection page. In this new column I store the location of an image (or a defult value which I filer off). Then using the power of php I add a style element to the div. If there is no image then it defaults to the lovely concrete backgroung.

"I desperately need a CMS system"

I desperately need a CMS system. Currently I have to type the html file directly into the file and then add the data into the database manually. MANUALLY! What is this? The 80s? Sometimes I disgust myself. Also I took the image from here, I think it's only fair to say where I plunder my images from.

My next few jobs on this website (when I get the time) is to make the text displayed on the blog preview always fit the box and to carry on with my mapping project.

Imran Khan - 22/07/2013