New Graphics Card

New Graphics Card

I suck at computers

I bought a new graphics. The more I try and tinker with my PC the more I realise how clueless I am. When the card arrived I didn`t have the right number of power outlets available. Luckily I had two Sata power cables which I managed to rig up and it work fine.

The graphics card is pretty good too (it`s a GeForce 770). It plays Tomb Raider at a good frame rate and it silent. I like the new Tomb Raider game. I may put a little review of it on here when I finish it.

Also, my last fix to the date thing killed the image upload function (I may have deleted the code in recklessness) but now I have it back up and working. So that`s nice. I think the next thing I need to work on is the edit feature. That'll be a good thing to do. Saves me having to open up the database just to add small changes...Or maybe I`ll work on the image previewer as the Tomb Raider image for this post failed big time. L-O-L to the max.

Imran Khan - 28/04/2014