Exercise and Spiderman

Exercise and Spiderman

I need to be lazier

There`s a rumour going around that I like exercise. This is a brazen lie which offends me to my core. Yet despite this I seem to be involved in many events

I`m doing a 10k run on Sunday. I`m doing Race the Sun in Brecon (an event where you cycle 50 miles, climb a mountain and row a boat). I may also be cycling from one British city to another (I literally have no more details on the event than that at the moment). I may do the Wolf Run with the Boyos. I`ve said I`m doing the Cardiff half marathon this year too. And if Electric Run ever announces a date for Cardiff I`ll do that too.

How has this happened to me?

In blog news, I think I may have fixed the issue with the dates now working when you post a blog post. I`ll see when I post this :D

Oh and I saw the Amazing Spiderman 2 too

It was ok. It had some cool effects, the fights were cool and I still really like Peter Parker and Gwen Stacey. That being said, the beginning was slow and the villain was shallow. There were some really American things in the film which have always grated on me. Like the air traffic controllers high fiving each other and `hollering` when they manage to narrowly avoid disaster. Maybe as a Brit it just comes off as really disingenuous. There were some things that I was impressed with though.

Spoilers, look away now!
At the end of the film Gwen dies which made me think that the next film would be about Peter being sad and trying to come to grips with her death. BUT the film carried on for another 10 minutes and in this Peter realises that he still has ass to kick and goes to kick it. So hopefully the nest film won`t get bogged down with that side of things.

Imran Khan - 28/04/2014