Back in the Saddle

Back in the Saddle

Making more stuff

I had a reminder that I was working on a blog long ago so I decided to revisit the thing and see what I could do.

The thought that got me interested in this project again was a seed of an idea planted by Matt Harris. He said it would be cool if the boyos had a blog which we all contributed to. I then had a thought.

Its be cool if one person could write a blog entry and then the contributors could comment on it. I dont mean on some post blog commenting system like on other sites, but rather have their comments jotted inbetween the actual wording of the article.

I dont want this to be a like an edit feature either (though one of those in the works too) but rather like a sticky note attached to the blog. So for example, I might take offence at something written and can attached a note to that sentence and when a user highlights that sections the note pops up.

I have no idea how good this will turn out but whatever.
In other news
I have completely rewritten the way the blogs are stored on this site. Instead of being written to a html file and then relying on the file system to display the page I have stored the data in a database and it pulls it from there.

This is basically the ground work for editing the article which will be necessary for the commenting thingy.

Poo. I have just remembered the stupid bug I never got round to fixing. Whenever you type on apostrophe \\\\\\\' a backslash it automatically added to it for some reason. I think the code is trying to escape the character somewhere but I can`t remember. I have removed the apostrophe`s from the post apart from this paragraph so that it acts as a permanent mark of shame...Exceot that I have JUST learned that by using the proper apostrohpe character (located left of the `1` key) that the back slashes don\\\'t appear.
I love a dodgy quick fix
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