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I made a crappy blog page!

Let's celebrate

I spent all day adding interactivity to map SVG map file. It was annoying and required me to use ECMA script (whathever that may be). After this Herculean triumph I decided to fix some bugs on the home's canvas page. Bugs included the text not dissappearing and the links generally not working. After this I went on to make this Blog page! Not sure why, I don't plan to blog regularly. If I did I'd use blogspot or whatever.

This is pretty much just a test post to see that the styles don't look like total crap. They don't look great but I have pretty low standards. I've also put in a tag to highlight quotes when I say something inspired.

"say something inspired"

And that's how I spent my day. I am living on the edge.

Imran - 20th July 2013