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The main project I've been working on is the blog. The key rule when prorgamming is to not re-invent the wheel but I wanted to. So instead of looking into tumblr, Wordpress or the vast number of well designed blog products out there I have decided to make my own. Progress is slow but fun and it gives me a chance to play around with PHP a bit.

To the left are some of the latest blog post that I've written (please note the completely unnecessary background image change when you hover over them). Click on them if you want a read or click here here to see more!

Some kind of map

Something else I began work on a while ago was this map. I had this idea that I was so Worldly and had seen so many countries, so I created an interactive map that you could use to highlight where you have been. After writing the initial code for this I began to highlight the countries I had visited and found that there was so much of the World I hadn't been to. This made me sad because I wasn't as cool as I has hoped but it also made me happy becasue there is still a lot for me to see!

I haven't really done anything with the map for a while since I kind of had no plan once I had put in the ability to highlight the map. I was half working on a way to save what countries you had been to in a database but haven't gotten too far with it.

Have a go of highlighted your explored globe here.

Overcomplicated circular menu
OH NO! Your browser doesn't support HTML5. You should probably update that :) OH NO! Your browser doesn't support HTML5. You should probably update that :) OH NO! Your browser doesn't support HTML5. You should probably update that :)

This one's a right laugh. I wanted to have a go at using those fancy HTML canvases but I didn't really have anything to do with one. So, in my infinite wisdom, I decided that I would create a menu using canvases and javascript. At the time I knew this was a fool's errand but I didn't realise how much of a fool you had to be to attempt this.

I ran into issues, so many issues. Like the canvases not holding positional data meaning I had to create javascript objects for the menu items with the positional data and then create functions to add on hover effects and the like. Whilst this was a complete pain it was enjoyable.

The glorious end result can be seen here.

[Note: The menu doesn't work too well on mobile devices because I didn't think that through when writing it.]